Term of Service
VTECH Technology Corp. (the :Company;) appreciates your interest in the Company・s website (the :Website;). The following terms set forth the basic rules (the :Terms;) that govern your (the :User;) use of the Website.

I. Agreement
The User・s visit to the Website constitutes his agreement to comply with the Terms, and any future amendment, revision, deletion or modification to the Terms. If the User does not agree to the Term, please do not browse through the Website.

II. Privacy Policy
The User・s personal information and other information are protected and governed by the Privacy Policy of the Website and the Applicable Law of the Website.

III. Users・ Obligation and Commitment
The User shall comply with the Terms, the applicable law and the Privacy Policy of the Website. The User shall not use the Website through any illegal method, or for any illegal purposes. The User shall not use the Website for the purpose of any infringement of other person・s right, and shall not infringe other person・s right through the use of the Website. The Company and the Website are not liable for any third person・s infringement caused by the User・s use of the Website.

IV. Restriction on Use of Intellectual Property Rights
The software, program, all content, including but not limited to writings, graphics, file, sound, video, information, data, website structure and website page, are all part of the Intellectual Property Rights (including but not limited to Copyrights, Patent, Trademark Right) (collectively the :IP;) owned by the Company or other person. Unless the Company consents in writing in advance, the User shall not utilize, modify the IP owned by the Company.
The User shall be liable to the Company for any damage caused by his violation of the aforementioned paragraph. The User shall be liable to the Company if any third party claims for any damage or loss arising out of or relating to the User・s infringement to the third party.

V. Updates
Unless otherwise provided by the law, The Company does not have the obligation to update the content of the Website. Any specific update or updated date on the Website does not imply that all information on the Website has been updated.

VI. Termination and Cessation of the Website service
The Company will use general and reasonable technique and approach to maintain the normal function of the Website. The Company may, at its discretion, terminate or cease the Website service under the following situations:
@1. Any necessary maintenance and repair of the Website.
@2. Malfunction of the equipment of the Website.
@3. The telecommunication service applied by the Website has been terminated and unable to provide service.
@4. Any other reason that caused by force majeure or cannot be contributed to the Company to provide the service.

VII. Limitation of Liability
The Company does not guarantee or take any other liability for the efficiency, speed, completeness, security, reliability, authenticity, and correctness of the Website. The Company does not guarantee that the data or other information transmitted via the page, server, or domain of the Website does not contain any computer virus or any other harmful material. The Company is not liable for the User・s damage or loss caused by the use of the Website.

VIII. IIX. Links
In the circumstance that the Website provides any link to third party・s website, the Company and the Website are not liable for any service, content or other information which are not provided by the Company and the Website.
The User shall evaluate and take any risks relating to its use of the links provided by the Website.

IX. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
The interpretation, application and any controversy relating to the Terms shall be construed and governed by the R.O.C. Law. The Taiwan Taipei District Court will have the exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of or relating to the Terms.

X. Implementation and Amendment
The Company has the right to amend, revise, delete, or modify the Terms.
The Terms, any amendment, deletion, revision or modification to the Terms shall be implemented upon publication on the Website.